Brachytherapy is one of the kinds of radiation therapy, which is used to treat the dreaded ailment called cancer. This procedure employs the kind of energy known as ionizing radiation in order to kill the cancer cells and thus shrink tumors. This procedure is similar to the ones like external beam therapy wherein high end X ray beams are used to treat the cancer. Therefore Brachytherapy is also known as internal radiation therapy, which helps the physician in order to employ high end dose of radiation for treating small area in a short amount of time rather than the external radiation treatment option. When it comes to Brachytherapy in India, you need a highly competitive health tourism company who is well versed with managing these jobs with care and professionalism. With Indian Med Guru, your search for a ethically and competitive healthcare group comes to an end.

How is the Brachytherapy Performed?

The procedure of Brachytherapy is carried out on an outpatient basis, which simply means the patient can return home the very same day. The real procedure simply consume one hour. A majority of people would be seen receiving spinal anesthesia that is numb from the waist at the down side. The patient would also receive the medication in order to make you feel very much drowsy. You then find the ultrasound probe inserting over the rectum that is seen getting into the prostate gland over the TV screen in order to find out the right area to be operated. The surgeon then implants the seeds over the prostate using small size needles. At the end, the catheter is seen getting placed over the bladder by the surgeon that helps in passing the urine for faster recovery.

Brachytherapy in India With Indianmedguru

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