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Pharmaceutical Industry Profile

 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Description: Creating better treatments for patients is the research-based biopharmaceutical industry’s core mission. Fulfilling this mission involves both successes and setbacks. Includes topics such as: Finding New Medicines: The R&D Process, Science and Policy: Shaping the Future of Medical Progress, The Burden of Disease: New Medicines Help Fight the Epidemic, Health Care Value: Medicines Help Control Costs and Improve Lives, and Health Care Access: Connecting Patients with Scientific Advances.
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Domain: Medical
Category: Biotech/Pharma

Key Facts
Research and Development
� Time to develop a drug = 10�15 years1

� Drugs approved in 2007 = 2312 � Only 2 of 10 marketed drugs ever produce revenues that match or exceed R&D costs.13 � In the 25 years since the Orphan Drug Act was established, more than 300 orphan drugs have been ... See more

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