Prostate Cancer Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Dr. Echt explains the warning signs of prostate cancer men ought to watch out for.

Irving, Texas – August 23, 2019 - Prostate cancer is common among American men. Other than skin cancer, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in American men. The chance of a man getting this cancer during his lifetime is one in seven. But, prostate cancer is a slow-growing illness and while death cases are reported, approximately one in 38 people will die from it.

Often, prostate cancer in its early stages has no symptoms. The screening process, which is usually DRE or PSA test, helps to detect the cancer,” remarks Dr. Echt. “If the screening shows that the disease may be present, further monitoring and testing is required to diagnose the cancer. When the cancer causes symptoms, a diagnosis is usually carried out at a later stage.”

The most common prostate cancer symptoms include:

• Frequent urination and the need to pass urine more often especially at night
• Blood in urine and seminal fluid
• Interrupted or weak urine flow or straining to empty your bladder
• Pain or discomfort while sitting, which results from an enlarged prostate
• Pain in the chest (ribs), back (spine), hips, and other parts as a result of cancer spreading to bones
• Numbness or weakness in the feet or legs
• Erectile dysfunction

“At times, people with prostate cancer don’t always exhibit these signs. Also, other noncancerous prostate conditions, such as an enlarged prostate or BPH can cause similar changes,” says Dr. Echt. “Other underlying medical conditions may also cause these symptoms.”

Men who experience any of these signs may want to visit a prostate cancer clinic to rule out the possibility of prostate cancer. If diagnosed with prostate cancer, experienced oncologists can provide suitable treatment.

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