Risk Factors for Pancreatic Cancer

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Dr. Gregory Echt explains the risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer.

Irving, TX, Aug 21, 2019 – While risk factors usually influence the cancer’s development, most of such factors don’t cause cancer directly. Some individuals with various risk factors don’t end up with cancer, but others without any known risk factors may develop it. After knowing your risk factors and discussing them with the doctor, you will be able to make informed health care and lifestyle changes.

An individual with an average risk factor for pancreatic cancer has approximately one percent chance of having the disease,” says Dr. Gergory Echt. “Most (90%) pancreatic cancers are sporadic or somatic mutations. In other words, the changes occur by chance after birth. It is less likely to pass these genetic changes to one’s offspring.”

While pancreatic cancer’s cause is unknown, here are the factors that may increase an individual’s risk of developing the disease:

• Age: Most individuals who develop this disease are above 45 years. In fact, 70 percent are above 65 and 90 percent are above 55 years. But, an adult of any age can be diagnosed with this cancer.

Ethnicity: Unlike Asians, Hispanics, or white people, black men are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer. Also, those from the Ashkenazi Jewish heritage have a higher risk factor.

Gender: Research shows that more men receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis than women.

Diet and obesity: Frequently eating high-fat foods makes you more vulnerable to pancreatic cancer. Research has revealed that obese or overweight individuals have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Smoking: Smokers are two to three times higher likelihood of developing pancreatic cancer compared to non-smokers.

“It is possible for mutations to pass from the parent to a child,” explains Dr. Echt. Such genetic changes may lead to as high as 10 percent of pancreatic cancers.”

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