Some Rumours are Arising for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Some Rumours

Dentistry is a full-fledged medical profession with trained staff. The dentists and supporting nursing staff are certified experts. They follow standard procedures and apply their technical knowledge. Rumour mongers are irresponsible and they tend to misuse social media.

Rumors, doubts, and myths abound in the dental and medical fields. The public ignorance is ably assisted by trouble makers and doubters. These pessimists do not have either the knowledge or the skill sets. Yet, They continue to spread unnecessary fears and anxieties.

  • There is no need for having the wisdom tooth removed.

  • All dentists extract these teeth even when it is not required.

  • The oral surgery is very painful and it leads to nerve damage.

  • The jaws will get damaged and it leads to face disfigurement.

  • There will be a lot of blood loss and patients can even die.

  • The post-operative risks are one too many to be disregarded.

  • The costs for medicines and surgical procedure are also very high.

  • You cannot eat solid food or drink even water for days afterward.

  • Complications like infections and gum diseases are all too common.

Fact Checking

Scientific knowledge has a strong and reliable logical basis. The experts conduct extensive research to establish this foundation. They depend on analysis, reasoning, fact-checking, new discoveries and inventions. As a result, Their words and actions are more trusts worthy.

Facts clear up some of the basic doubts among lay people. They are objective in nature and hence cannot be subverted. You cannot question their veracity as they are open to public scrutiny. Some of the most relevant facts pertaining to wisdom tooth removal are -

  • A full dental examination or check-up is carried out upfront.

  • The certified dentist performs this inspection in a detailed manner.

  • A wisdom tooth is also known as the third molars(innermost teeth).

  • These teeth get impacted(do not erupt) due to lack of space.

  • Brushing and cleaning the teeth becomes a difficult chore.

  • If left untreated, They lead to infections and tooth decay.

  • Gum diseases, jaw pain, and discomfort are other symptoms.

  • Tooth extraction is performed by a certified oral surgeon.

  • It is a routine and universal procedure ( millions of surgeries per year).

  • Pain, swelling, infection risks are all reduced and treated promptly.

  • The dentist gives medicines, tips, and post-operative instructions.

  • Teeth crowding and death incidence is greatly exaggerated.

  • Post Operative Risks: Three Main Factors

The wisdom teeth removal procedure is not totally risk-free. But the dentist usually briefs the patient before the surgery. The following three risk factors are assessed for safety -

1. Age Of Patient - Those who are over 26 years are more vulnerable.

2. Gum Diseases - Those with pre-existing gum defects and disorders.

3. Horizontal Impaction - Hidden or sleeping tooth requires complicated surgery.

After the procedure, There is a hole, gap, empty space or socket. Blood fills up this vacant spot and heals naturally. Recovery time various and depends on the severity of the problem. Advanced care for dry sockets like bone graft and plasma treatments are also available.

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