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Stress Analysis and Materials Selection for Bone and Joint Replacements

 David Taylor
Description: Covers Are implants different from other engineering components? Design Considerations. Stress analysis of bones and joints. Stand on one leg: muscles must pull at your hip just to stop you from falling. This muscle force will be several times your body weight, BW (due to the lever arm). The resultant load through the head of the femur is about 3BW. Running will double (or even treble) the force. Strain gauges show typically 700με max for walking, and 2100με for strenuous e
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Domain: Medical
Category: Implants
Bone and Joint Replacements stress analysis and materials selection
David Taylor
Non-skeletal (e.g. heart valves, breasts)


Replacing Joints, Bones

Non-replacing (e.g. fracture plates, screws)

Most common example - the Hip Joint

Design Considerations
Any design must: - perform the required function (implants usually replace an existing function: weight-bearing, motion, etc. ... See more
David Taylor
29 December, 2008