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The Health Benefits of Work

 Kevin Morris
Description: Realising the Health Benefits of Work. the findings are unambiguous: work is good for health and wellbeing. Health risk of not working = smoking 10 packets of cigarettes/day. Unemployment raises the chance that a man will die by about a third. Greater risk than the most dangerous jobs e.g. construction/North Sea. Work & Health, Compensation & Medical Expenditure, Paradigm Shift, Collaboration, ACC Business cost of being off work.
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"Better at Work"
NZOHNA & NZISM Joint Conference

Kevin Morris ACC Director Clinical Services

Without Work all Life Goes Rotten � Albert Camus
� BMJ Editorial October 1992 Richard Smith � "Unemployment raises the chance that a man will die in the next decade by about a third, and for those in middle age � with the biggest commitments � ... See more

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