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Trends in Pharmaceutical R&D Outsourcing

 Peter George
Description: Positive Trends Pharma R&D, The Worlds Largest R&D Market & Growing, R&D is a $110bn+ a year Market, growing at a rate related to WW sales but maintaining a steady “intensity” (R&D as a percent of sales. Clinical Trial Activity is Accelerating. 16% year on year growth projected in R&D Outsourcing expenditure over the next 5 years. The CAGR is predicted to remain at 16% by some even if the current economic environment & large pharma mergers impact in 2009/10.
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Penn Pharma

Trends in Pharmaceutical R&D Outsourcing
Peter George CEO

Penn is a specialty pharmaceutical & services company which combines clinical trial and drug development Services with low volume batch manufacture, packing and storage. The two services are very synergistic and few competitors offer these in combination. By combining this skill and ability to manage "difficult to d ... See more

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