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Turkey, Stuffing and So Much More...

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Description: Thanksgiving dinner is a wonderful tradition in America. Turkeys have been enjoyed as part of America’s traditional Thanksgiving feast for many years. Dated back as early as 1000 A.D., Native Americans hunted turkeys for their sweet and juicy flavor. Besides the historical link and delicious taste, turkey can actually add another benefit to your Thanksgiving plate. Walk it Off: Listed are the number of miles would need to walk in order to burn off your favorite Thanksgiving foods.
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November 2009

"On Your Weigh!" Weight Management Program Designed and provided by two Dietitians who will teach you tools to achieve a healthy weight with a non-diet approach. Classes will incorporate hands on experiences in real life situations including 2 cooking classes and a restaurant outing. Make peace with food and be "On Your Weigh!" in 2010

Turkey Stuffing And So Much Mo ... See more

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