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Do Health Insurance Doctors Override Treatment Plans?

Posted on: 02-Aug-2007

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Answers to this month’s WeSRCH medical survey.
The majority said yes in a medical survey targeted at professionals. An overwhelming 96% said that the Doctors at Heath Insurance providers do override the treatment plans and prescriptions given by the patient’s doctor. More than half said this occurred regularly, a third said sometimes, and a tenth said yes, but rarely. Less than one in twenty said this never happened in their experience.
This raises important questions about the quality and structure of healthcare in America, because heath insurance doctors rarely if ever see a patient. Americans prefer to choose their own doctors, seeking those they literally trust with their lives. But because health insurance companies control the purse strings and medical care is so expensive, the doctors in these organizations wield tremendous power over the patients covered by insurance plans.
All states and governments have strict regulations over who can administer medical care as well as setting standards its quality. Yet, insurance companies have effectively taken them out of the driver’s seat from an economic control perspective. This survey shows they are doing this more frequently.
Do you find Doctors at Heath Insurance providers override treatment plans and prescriptions given by patient’s doctors?
55% — Yes, regularly
33% — Yes, sometimes
 8% — Yes, rarely
                 4% — No, never

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