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Papers of the Week, Share your conference photos, and start your private library.

Posted on: 10-Dec-2007

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What’s New: Share your conference photos and now you can create your own private library.


Share your photos from conferences with others: This week’s major new feature is ‘Happisnaps’, which allows members to upload  pictures to weConference sites or at Conference Announcements. Pictures are displayed as thumbnails and selecting any pictures displays the bigger image in side window. If anyone finds a picture is offensive, They can click on the ‘Report abuse’ link and the weSRCH admin will automatically be sent an email to take action.


Create your own private WeSRCH library: It’s intended to help members organize their favorite papers into their own private library that can be recalled from any computer in the world.   To find it, click on myLibrary in either the My weSRCH pull-down menu on the home page or in your private My weSRCH home page. To load papers to myLibrary  just click on the blue book icon in the upper-right-hand corner of each paper’s page, add a name and you’ll always be able to find it again.


You can remove a paper from your myLibrary list, in your library in your My weSRCH area.


The Ratings count for each paper was replaced by ‘Saved’ . . . which, shows how many times a paper has been saved by other members. When a member saves a paper to his or her myLibrary for future reference, it must me good. If a lot of members myLibrary it, the paper must be great. means it’s good enough for a member to want  for  myLibrary).


Another new feature for making it easier to find items is that all the papers and conference announcements now have their icons on all the pages. You’ll also not the new section at the bottom showing the hottest and latest members.



Top Papers & Press Releases of the week at


Dr. Jack Horner’s talk on How to Build a Dinosaur at Semitool’s Peaks conference won the prize for most popular paper for the second week, which is really about how you build a dinosaur. Your kids should enjoy listening to this one with you. Meanwhile Santa Clara University’s 3-D Solar Home - Solar Decathlon 2007 made the list— so congratulations to the interdisciplinary coalition of approximately 200 engineering, arts and sciences, and business undergraduate and graduate students who made up the team building this house and doing all the associated marcom! It’s cool to see that students can compete with the best professionals. Also, Chris Mack came back to announce his New Book - Fundamental Principles of Optical Lithography,.which is sure to be an excellent read.


Applied Materials took the prize for most popular press release for the second week in a row with  UVision 3 Sets Benchmark for Brightfield Inspection Sensitivity and Productivity, so congrats to congrats to Betty Newboe, Randy Bane and the team involved in putting it together. Applied PR took home three of the Top 5 positions — making a new record.



Hottest Papers uploaded over the past two weeks:


1)       How to Build a Dinosaur

2)       THE HOLE ROLE

3)       33M Full-Frame CCD Image Sensor

4)       3-D Solar Home - Solar Decathlon 2007

5)       New Book - Fundamental Principles of Optical Lithography



Hottest Press Releases uploaded over the past two weeks:


1)       Applied Materials\' UVision 3 Sets Benchmark for Brightfield Inspection Sensitivity and Productivity

2)       Nextest Celebrates New Facility Opening and 10-Year Anniversary

3)       McAfee, Inc. Releases VirusScan Software for Leopard & Varian Image-Guided Treatment Machines Selected for Major New Hospital on South Coast of England

4)       Applied Materials Takes CMP Process

5)       SOKUDO Introduces 200wph RF3T Coat/Develop System


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