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Why America's Medical System is Failing It. Part I

Posted on: 18-Jun-2007

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Why America’s Medical System is Failing It.
                                                                                                         Part I
                                                                                -- G. Dan Hutcheson

You may have seen the news a few months ago that Americans spend more per capita than Europeans and yet Europeans are healthier than Americans. It’s an important sign that America’s medical system is failing it. Another sign is the growing angst of patients over the rise in co-pays and premiums. Both the corporations they work for and the insurers covering them want the American consumer to foot more of the bill.
Meanwhile, healthcare is the fastest growing part of the U.S. economy and it is one of the most inflationary sectors. Worse, healthcare is also the most subsidized business sectors in the U.S. economy when it comes to research funding. Each year the government doles out billions for medical research, while charitable organizations fund even more. New drugs get invented as a result of discovering new cures. Yet many drug prescriptions now cost Americans thousands of dollars per month. In other words, even though they’ve paid in taxes and charitable gifts, they are still being expected to pay more.
It’s not the doctors who are getting rich. In fact, they are leaving their practices at levels never seen before. The pay is not so great anymore, the hours are terrible, and dealing with insurance companies is an incredible burden — and that’s not to mention the legal burden brought by our litigious society. Losing them is an incredible loss, as so much of society’s resources have gone into training them.
The problem lies squarely on the structure of America’s medical system as well as that of the insurance and pharmaceutical infrastructure. In this series, I’ll examine why this is occurring.
… to be continued.

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