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Why America’s Medical System is Failing It

 G. Dan Hutcheson
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Why America's Medical System is Failing It
-- G. Dan Hutcheson

You may have seen the news a few months ago that Americans spend more per capita than Europeans and yet Europeans are healthier than Americans. It's an important sign that America's medical system is failing it. Another sign is the growing angst of patients over the rise in co-pays and premiums. Both the corporations they work for and ... See more
G. Dan Hutcheson
17 January, 2017
G. Dan Hutcheson
24 August, 2016

New Tech: Applied’s new etcher

Applied Materials’ Producer® Selectra™ Etch A Radically Different Etch Technology Why it’s radically different Arguably the most innovative new etcher since the early 1980s Wh

G. Dan Hutcheson
27 July, 2016