Why is dental check-up important?

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Scheduling a dentist appointment atleast twice a year will help keep moist oral health and dental issues at bay. A family dentist in Edmonton provides his/ her expert guidance to let you keep the mouth and gums healthy for the entire family. Especially for kids, such visits can provide eye-opening recommendations to maintain teeth in top shapeIllustration for article titled Why is dental check-up important?

Here are the two key things that a family dentist in Edmonton will focus on

1. Examination

When you meet the dentist, he/ she will check the teeth completely for presence of any issues or symptoms that may give rise to an illness later. Some of the common issues a dentist can check for are tartar, cavities, gum bleeding, chipped tooth, or exposes nerve linings

You or your family members may be advised to go through an x-ray examination. This helps uncover hidden issues with the teeth that aren’t routinely visible. The dentist may also check for harmful issues like formation of plaque – a thin film formed by sugary deposits accumulating on the teeth. If these aren’t detected and treated at the right time, they may lead to tartar – an issue which cannot be removed by simple cleaning or flossing.

2. Treatment actions

After examination the dentist will know what is the particular problem a person faces. This helps him/her to suggest appropriate course of action including oral care and medication. For example, for tartar, the dentists may suggest more intense treatment sessions to remove the problem.

Also, the gums are examined. If the gums have an issue then a course of treatment is introduced to remove the gum problems.

As a part of the check-up, the dentist also checks the tongue, throat and face for any kind of redness, swelling or signs of oral cancer.

3. Cleaning

Teeth cleaning can be carried out at the dentist’s office in order to complete the checkup procedure. Minor issues like plaque can be removed with regular brushing, cleaning and using mouthwash.

However, if tartar is formed then it needs scaling, as brushing and flossing cannot remove tartar.

Scaling is a special tool used by the dentist to clean tartar. Scaling cleans the tartar that forms between the gums and teeth by vibrations.

4. Oral health consultation

Some of the key suggestions provided by a dentist include

  • Use a paste that contains fluoride to clean the teeth thoroughly and remove stains.
  • Visit a dentist in Edmonton AB twice a year; between these visits keep the teeth and gums healthy by brushing and flossing twice a day.
  • To control spread of bacteria and prevent bad breath, use a mouthwash.

To conclude

As evident, a lot of work is done by the dentist when you turn up for your dental appointment. It is advised to take full advantage of these helpful visits and keep the teeth in top shape.

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