Women Look For Abortion Pills Online From USA: Why?

 Sharon Lisle

The 2018 year observed an increased number of abortion pills in the US. Though there are a few women who find it difficult to get access to safe abortion pills, the need for the medications seems to be on a rise.

In a recent survey, it was found that more than twenty thousand women in the US requested medications for pregnancy termination in the last year. Almost one-third of the total women surveyed chose to get abortion pills online and received them at home. Though a few states in the US have hostile pregnancy termination policies, the demand for abortion pills is never declining.

Some women from the surveyed list shared that they looked for abortion pills from the local stores, however, could not find safe abortion pills anywhere. Hence they had to buy abortion pill online and get the pregnancy terminated at home. “Hadn’t we bought abortion pills from one of the e-pharmacies, we were thinking of extreme alternative options to end the pregnancy.” Said on the women interviewed.

Since most of the women who aborted their pregnancy were from the middle-class group, they found the clinic surgery to be expensive. The financial background, budget, and privacy were some of the common factors for choosing the medical abortion method for women’s pregnancy termination. Some women complained that they had to think fast and make a decision at the earliest because abortion pills work only for an early pregnancy.

Among women who aborted their pregnancy using abortion pills at home, 70% of them consulted their healthcare provider before undergoing the procedure. The remaining one either feared they wouldn’t get abortion service or approached but did not receive the appropriate response from the doctor.

Speaking of abortion rights and state support, abortion is legal in more than forty states of the USA. Notwithstanding, there are many campaigners in the states which are against the US supreme court decision. The decision had provided women the right to an abortion for pregnancies up to 24 weeks. Healthcare experts suggest medical abortion is suitable for early pregnancies up to 9 weeks while surgical abortion can be done for pregnancies up to 24 weeks.

The US women are still found fighting against the system, society and every group which is against abortion rights of women. Though the picture is progressive, there’s a struggle too! The support from the government, however, continues to be in favor of women and abortion rights.

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