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HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, an incurable disease. It attacks the immune system in the body after being infected. Once the body has the infection, initial symptoms of HIV tend to show gradually, which usually resemble the symptoms of the influenza virus. Here is when you get confused, but once the signs of HIV start to become prominent than is the time for you to alarm yourself and without further delay contact your health advisor.

After a month of infestation and once the HIV window period is over slowly, the body starts experiencing the significant symptoms' of HIV, which includes:

• Continuous fatigue

• Night perspiration

• Shivering chills

• Uncontrolled fever

• Painful and swollen lymph glands

• Drastic weight loss

Although nature the primary symptoms of HIV remains unclear, you must seek medical help to rule out the cause and factors of uneasy health. If you are not clear on where to get the medical advice, then you will find the answer a yes4me website. This is an online portal which helps in analyzing the root cause of HIV by assessing the risk through a questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, you can learn more about your signs of HIV and the risk factors involved.

Causes of HIV:

HIV is caused by various factors; one of the most common is unprotected sex, then comes the use to infected syringes and needles unknowingly. In some scenarios, HIV is also transmitted from an infected mother to the unborn child. Hence when you get pregnant, it is mandatory to get tested for HIV through HIV ELISA which is the most common type of HIV test to rule out the presence of infection thus making the future generation healthy.

So, now comes the thought of how to approach the testing center when you are not sure of the infection. The answer is yes4me; here, the trained staffs help you in locating the HIV testing center, which is near to the location you provide. They ask you to fill up a basic form requesting some personal information then based on that you will be directed towards a health clinic. The data collected by you is not shared with any health official under no circumstances. This makes yes4me a perfect platform for providing reservations for HIV testing.

What is syphilis disease?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease which causes infected sores, blisters, or even ulcers. This disease is caused by engaging in unprotected sexual behaviors. Although it can be cured in early stages if it is left untreated, then it may cause some severe damage to the brain, heart, and blood vessels.

As the famous proverb says, “prevention is better than cure” take some time and visit the yes4me app for analyzing your risk of HIV and the health status.

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