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International journal of engineering works Editor-In-Chief: Prof. Jiang Qirong, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Email:, Tel: +86-10-62773125, Fax: +86-10-627815277 ISSN: 2409-2770 (Online) Vol.1, Issue.1, Sept. 2014 at Kambohwell Publisher Enterprises
Kambohwell Publisher Enterprise is a first publishing company as a registered firm working under the license of Enterprises & Investment Promotion Department (Registrar of Firm), Govt. of Pakistan with Certificate Registration No. 265---MR/ of 2013-2014. Kambohwell Publisher Enterprises is a leading publishing firm and fulfillment service company, enabling greater sales for small to medium-sized publishers to mass market, book trade, and specialty retail channels. Our work emphasis with our publishing partners to optimize their presence in the broader marketplace and offer the highest quality publishing service to our retail customers. The business of the firm deal in publishing, linking researchers, developing innovations, journals/ program production, online printing, composing, designing, general order suppliers, multi-purpose marketing, import and export and government publishing contracts etc.
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