Mike Cowan Mike Cowan , USA
Senior Technical Staff Member (retired - Jan 2002), IBM Corp., Microelectronics Division. I am an independent semiconductor industry analyst / market watcher specializing in global semiconductor sales forecasting utilizing the Cowan LRA, Linear Regression Analysis, forecast model which I have developed. The latest, updated forecast results will be periodically uploaded to this site so that interested weSRCH readers can follow the model's latest sales and sales growth forecast numbers generated each month by the model. I normally run the forecast model immediately following the WSTS's posting of its monthly HBR, Historical Billings Report, on their website. More information on the model's approach and methodology is included in the latest forecast expectations write-up that I upload, typically each month. I have also posted two papers that "talk to" the model's forecasting methodology - so, if interested, check them out at the following URL = https://www.wesrch.com/profile-mikecowan-313 and access the latest presentation on the left and then scroll down to the bottom of the second page - see NOTE.
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