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weVISION: Computational Lithography: A Chip Making Revolution with Yan Borodovsky of Intel

Posted on: 19-Feb-2008

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Brush up for SPIE’s Advanced Lithography Symposium.

Advances in Computational Lithography Intel made quite a splash with its announcement that it had developed computational lithography. In this video, Yan Borodovsky, describes how it is done, what the reticles are like, the benefits to cost and design efficiency, and the decision-making process that led up to moving in this direction, rather than down the more conventional immersion lithography path. Yan Borodovsky is a Senior Intel Fellow and is Director of Advanced Lithography there.To view this video, you must have Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above. 01-21 (video)


A Blast from the Past: Kids Korner: Craig Barrett on what Math and Science can do for You Craig Barrett, Chairman of Intel, describes why math and science are important and how, early on in his life, they became the foundation of his future. Today Craig is known as the man who ran Intel, the biggest chip maker in the world, from 1997 to 2005. As such, he makes as much loot as a rock star, gets to jet set around the world, and has loads of fun doing it. But it didn’t just happen. It started long ago when, as a young boy, he turned his natural interest in the world around him into a force to challenge himself to excel in math and science. As he did this, people noticed, and thus, his future was made. In this brief video, Craig describes his path from boyhood and how the math and science path got him to where he is today.

The Chip History Center: Every day thousands of people attend this virtual museum to find out about how the making of semiconductors transformed the world.



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