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EUV's untimely demise? Imprint Lithography in Chip Making? Life of Immersion?

Posted on: 29-Jan-2008

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What will be the the Hot Outcomes and Predictions for this year\'s Advanced Lithography Conference?


With SPIE\'s advanced lithography conference rapidly approaching us, I though I\'d play with weSRCH\'s latest tool:  weSURVEY. You can do it too, just log in and go to My weSRCH.  So here are the burning questions for you to answer, with the links just below them:

How many nodes will immersion remain at the leading edge beyond 45nm?

Life of Immersion?

How have your views on the possibility of imprint lithography becoming a future semiconductor manufacturing changed over the last 12 months?

Imprint Lithography in Chip Making?

Will EUV die at this year\'s SPIE conference as a prominent journalist has predicted?

EUV\'s untimely demise?



weSURVEY at Checkout our new quick survey tool. Now you can run your own Internet surveys and best of all it’s free.

To start your survey, first log-on as a member. Then click on weSURVEY, which is the drop down window under My weSRCH in the menu bar on the top right.

It’s real easy to use once you’re there. Type in the Survey Name in the first box, which is how you’ll be able to remember it. Then type in your Question. Check if you want the respondents to get a preview once they answer.  Either us the Default Answer of Yes/No/Don’t Know . . . or check custom and enter the number of answer options you wish to enter. A series of boxes will pop up allowing you to enter you own Answers, such as 0-20%, or Very Satisfied, etc. we hope you find this new tool useful.


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