7 Effective Tips Create A Perfect E-commerce Landing Page

 Zubair Hassan Wasti
  Sep 11, 2018

You are browsing the web and you suddenly realized that you have failed to buy a gift for a loved one who birthday was just around the corner. You visit the website of creating the online E-commerce store. The checkout process was complicated, so you abandon the cart and look at another E-commerce store. Put yourself in the shoes of that E-commerce store for a moment, which buyer has abandoned. Would you want your online shoppers to abandon you E-commerce store? No one wants that surely but how can you stop that from happening?

The best way to do that is to create perfect landing pages and provide users with a seamless shopping experience. That is where  E-commerce development in UAE can help you out. In this article, you will learn about effective tips to create engaging landing pages that persuade users to make a purchase.

Make Shopping Experience Hassle Free:

Think of yourself as a buyer purchasing clothes from an E-commerce store. What questions come to your mind. Will the shirt or pant fit? Is the size accurate? Can I return the product if it does not fit? All these questions need to be answered by your product pages to make the shopping experience pleasant for buyers. Don’t forget to include charts or guidelines, especially when it comes to sizes of apparel. This will make life easy for customers and kill uncertainty.

Customer Reviews Are Must:

Did you know that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? According to BusinessWeek, 70% of people read reviews and ratings before making a purchase. That is how important customer reviews are for your E-commerce website. Go overboard with reviews and include them on every product page.

Rent the Runway takes things one step further and added more than 30 reviews on each product page. This helps them to give in-depth insights about their product to the customer without they have to purchase it. If you are struggling to get customer reviews, tell your buyers how important their feedback is for you via email and they will surely respond in a positive way. Here is a perfect example of how you can ask for a product review from a customer.

product pages review reminder example

Unleash Your Creativity When Writing Copy

If you navigate around product pages of the different E-commerce website, you will come across the copy that is nothing to write home about. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many E-commerce stores are struggling to grow their sales. Just including the E-commerce keywords in your copy won’t cut it, you have to bring out your creativity when writing copy for your landing pages.

Although, you can use engaging visuals such as photos and videos to lure buyers if the copy lacks creative genius and quality, it won’t be enough to keep the customer hooked. Your page copy is the main component that helps you convince online shoppers to buy the product. According to HubSpot’s E-commerce marketing consultant, Steve Haase, “If your copy is crap then your page is crap. Not providing insight into why they should be excited, and why they should believe in you, is a huge mistake.

Context Is Key

The key to success in E-commerce lies in striking the perfect balance between giving users all the information they need without overwhelming them. Provide all the instructional information that might be useful for the online shopper. One King’s Lane took an innovative approach to provide context by allowing users to compare furniture with real-life objects, offering users a clear indication of the size and dimension of the furniture. When buyers can see the real size of furniture and how well it fit and blend in their room or drawing room, they will most probably buy that piece of furniture.

Make Product Pages Mobile Friendly

Yes, we all have been hearing and reading about this again and again, but did you ever tried to access your E-commerce website on your mobile device? You will be taken aback by the shopping experience you get on mobile in a bad way. According to Google data, there has been an exponential growth in the number of online shopping searches on mobile within the first five months of the year.

This clearly shows that people are interested in searching for products on their mobile devices, clicking on ads and they are doing so when they are commuting or watching their favorite TV shows. Make your E-commerce product pages mobile friendly to tap into a massive user base accessing the web through their mobile device.

Create Urgency

There is no better way to grow your sales fast then creating a sense of urgency and harness the power of scarcity marketing. When you are investing in paid ads, you need to make sure that your buyer doesn’t look at other alternatives and stay on your website. You can offer a special sale for a limited time to grab user attention. By creating urgency, you can grow your sales quickly and sell your stock.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Make it easier for shoppers to connect with your brand on social media by adding links to your social media accounts on your website. Social sharing buttons on the product page is a must as it allows your online shoppers to share your products with their friends and family members. You can also use product hashtags to get people chatting about your products on social media. This will not only increase exposure for your product but also for your brand. Social media is a powerful tool to expand your reach and you should use it to take your E-commerce store to the next level.

Which is the best tip you have ever received related to creating perfect landing and product pages for your E-commerce store? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

7 Effective Tips Create A Perfect E-commerce Landing Page

Zubair Hassan Wasti

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