Blended Marketing Strategy to Maximize Response from Prospects

 Becky Spencer
  Oct 10, 2018

Consumers are accustomed to change and development in technology and infrastructure. A big factor which determines a business’s success is the perception of consumers for the product or service they want to market. Marketers are aware of changing factors and influences every day so they need to be a step ahead almost every time. Before technology and social media, businesses positioned themselves with their respective audiences using conventional techniques like commercials, ads, radio, magazines, and newspapers. In recent years, technology has brought about real-time information which has forced businesses to exploit every channel of marketing in order to become or stay relevant.

Due to these developments, marketers need to devise multiple workable marketing strategies, combining traditional methods with instant digital channels. Today, digital marketing methods account for over 60 percent of sales but this does not do justice to businesses that rely solely on traditional methods and their success. For instance, any new movie due for release is marketed both digitally and traditionally. You can find trailers, web pages, and multiple contents as well as billboards, posters, and tradeshows. Comic-on is the perfect example of blended marketing where you can physically interact with fans as well as find tons of digital content.

Blended marketing involves the mixing of different marketing strategies in such a way that they complement each other but work independently. These strategies can also be extremely cost-effective if executed properly. There are many examples of blended marketing strategies that work together effortlessly but there is no marketing blend is as cost-effective as Guerilla Ads and SMS Service for Business.

Guerrilla Ads and Bulk SMS

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing tactic many companies use to attract customers. This interaction might be in the form of a surprise, unusual event or unconventional interactions in order to promote different products or services. These ads or campaigns are great for capturing the attention of prospects. Visual impressions and emotional influence is the determining factor behind the success of any guerrilla ad so a lot of creative input is mandatory. However, it is still a low budget marketing strategy. For example, the Wall Street bull in New York along with many other statues was dressed in GoldToe branded undershirts and underwear for promotion offerings during Fashion Week New York. This gem of a low budget strategy was executed to perfection by Aspen Marketing with hundreds of consumers capturing photos and making videos of this guerrilla stunt.

Guerrilla ads are used to get the attention of the prospects but businesses focus on continuity. Continuity involves multiple strategies to keep the prospects connected to the business. Bulk SMS is by far the most cost-effective channel to complement a guerrilla ad or campaign. It is great for direct, reliable and personal customer engagement in real-time. Thousands of multinational brands use this blended tactic. For example, 7 eleven launched a guerrilla campaign on their cups with subscription information for customers to subscribe to their keyword and get a free cup of coffee upon their next visit. Holidays, trending events and even the weather are great ways to execute real-time promotions.

This marketing blend is a product which combines traditional and electronic media elements to serve as a complete package in maximizing responses from prospects. It begins with marketers creating a buzz about different products and services in unique and eye-catching ways and follows them up with an instant call-to-action in the form of texting. Anything gets viral on the internet. It is up to the marketers to make it relevant to the audience for as long as they can. Many restaurants upload videos of their menu innovations with subscription options to keep the customer intrigued and wanting more. The most important factor for this to be successful is the right time and situation. For example, no matter how jaw-dropping your guerrilla stunt is visual, no one would be likely to buy your product if it is marketed at the wrong time. For instance, we all remember the McDonalds zebra crossing guerrilla ad. Now imagine how pointless it would be if it was painted on a road with no branch close to it. Moreover, if you wish to promote ice cream in the winter, you’re simply bound to make a fool of yourself, unless you’re in the desert.

Bulk SMS has been proven to be great for marketing especially when using keywords. Many restaurants, hotels, and stores use this strategy to get more customers. If you have a burger mascot standing near your outlet, you can remember to add opt-in details on him so interested people can at least know more about your deals for future references. Furthermore, a 160-word text is perfect for marketing if made clear and concise. This gives a flexible option to our customers as they see it as a great initiative for building loyalty and interaction. It targets both tech-savvy millennials and other generations as well to top guerrilla marketing’s unpredictability. The future of marketing will always be unstable for the right reasons. There is always room for improvement and many other unexplored options to give the consumers. So far, this blend can fit perfectly into our daily lives and keep us interested in the future. Businesses grow and fall every day so it’s about choosing a blend which best suits their business combining traditional and digital roots in the most cost-effective way. So, you can try this out and see what wonders it can do for your business in the future.

Blended Marketing Strategy to Maximize Response from Prospects

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