Eight Tips to create a Stunningly Beautiful Garden

 William Lusk
  Sep 28, 2018

Creating a beautiful garden is as much your love for plants and nature as is the hard work that you have to put in build one from scratch. Both have to go together before you can realize your dreams of having a beautiful patch of green before your home that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Beautiful gardens give your home a warm and colorful look, and a well-maintained one raises the curb value of your property. You can choose to do all the hard work yourself or engage the services of tree care agencies or lawn mowing services to do it for you. Whatever you might decide to do, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting on a warm evening amidst lush greenery with a beverage in hand and admiring your creation around you!

Lighting & Decor beautiful garden is not easy. If you have lived in an apartment and have moved into a standalone house with a lawn in front, do not ever think that you can finally put all your plants in the soil and make it a garden. Building garden needs patience, planning, perseverance and most importantly, lots of research. Plants that grow well in pots might wither away in the open soil or ones that have grown well in the shade of your balcony might dry up in the sun. Search the Internet for characteristics of each plant before you try to transplant them in alien soil.  

Here are a few tips to help you design a perfect garden around your home.  

• Think before transplanting – It will be relevant to start with the scenario where you have your plants, potted and ready for transplant. Research on the growth of the same cute little-potted plants and the effect it might have in your garden. You never know – it might grow into a monster once planted outside to an extent where it might even crack your house’s foundation. If you have to have that in your garden, install a root barrier around it and keep it trimmed so that it does not enter the space of your patio or driveway. 

• Acclimatise your plants – If you want to release your potted plants into the garden or want to plant small saplings that you have brought from your local gardening store, you have to introduce them slowly to the changed environment. Plants go into trauma on sudden change of climate and soil structure and might not grow to their full potential. To avoid shock, you might bring the plants a few hours outside every day, gradually extending the time to include the night too. You can then be sure of the healthy growth of your plants.

• Ensure adequate space between plants - Find out how big your plants will grow and then put them in the garden accordingly. This is more critical for trees. Planting the saplings close together will be disastrous when the trees grow to their full height. Intertwining canopies above will cut off sunlight and air circulation from the ground and anything planted below like flowerbeds will not get adequate sunlight. The only option for you then will be to cut down trees to make space between the ones that are left. It is not necessary to clutter up your outdoor lighting garden with everything you have got.  

• Know about growing conditions – Different plants grow well in varying climatic and soil conditions, and hence you should know about it before planting. A fern planted in the open sun will soon show brown and curled leaves from too much heat. On the other hand, a Mexican Sage planted in the shade will desperately look for some sun. If you are not sure about the plant and soil conditions, take professional advice from gardening services operating in your locality. For example in Victoria, get in touch with local Jim’s Mowing and Gardening, Shane’s Trees in NSW or Hills Tree Solutions in Perth.   

• Plant selectively – Any avid gardener or nature lover will want to plant a little of everything for variety. But that clutters up the landscape apart from disturbing the harmony of the garden. Brightly colored flower beds are aesthetically beautiful to look at, but colors that are clashing wildly with each other become visually distracting. You should maintain an element of symmetry in the garden. Have small flowerbeds of same colored flowers dotting the area.  

• Group like plants together – If you already have a set of healthy plants growing together and you want to add new plants, make sure that they are alike in soil, light and water needs. For example, do not plant vegetables or any other plants that require regular watering next to cacti. It will be difficult for you to water one leaving out the other if they are close together.  


• Test the layout first – Once you have put the plants in the soil, it will be very difficult for you to change the plan. Lay out the plants in the dirt in the exact pattern that you want to plant them and give yourself a couple of days to get your eye in. Once you like the combination, you can plant them permanently. It will also give you an opportunity to know if they are thriving in that condition. 

• Give trees space to grow – Unlike small plants or flowering ones, trees will need to space to grow. Hence, do not plant them too close to your home or the fence dividing one property from another. As discussed earlier, the roots of a growing tree can damage the foundation of a house. Further, falling leaves and twigs will block your roof gutters if the tree grows on to your roof. Periodical trimming and pruning will take care of the issue but will you have time for it? It is recommended that you plant tree saplings at a distance of 10 feet at least from your house.

These are some of the tips to Garden Decor. Follow them and be proud of your creation when it is in full bloom.

Eight Tips to create a Stunningly Beautiful Garden

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