Set High Benchmarks for Hotel with Superior Wi-Fi Network Solutions

 George Kinsela
  Oct 23, 2018

What do you think are the amenities most sought after by guests to your hotel? Is it free breakfast or quality toiletries? Wrong! It’s a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection that guests have on top of the list before booking a room. A 2013 study by Forrester Research showed that of the respondents polled, 94% wished that all hotels, above anything else, had quality Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the hotel and in their rooms. And this was in 2013, much before the exponential boom in usage in Internet-enabled devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Hoteliers around the world today are unanimous on the point that Wi-Fi is not an amenity anymore; it is a closely related necessity in a person’s travel plans and a basic expectation. It is a mission-critical service, akin to electricity and running water. However, in spite of this, many hotels do not give this aspect the due importance it deserves and offers slow, unsecured and often useless Wi-Fi connectivity to guests.

If you are hotelier who is sitting on the fence and wondering about the advantages and benefits that smart Wi-Fi systems have to offer, here are some of the reasons to help you decide on installing a truly efficient hotel Wi-Fi network in your premises.

The Need for Installing Superior Hotel Wi-Fi Network Solutions


Apart from service with a smile, well-maintained premises, and complementary facilities, the availability of high-speed Wi-Fi Internet (or its absence) can make or break the relationship that you should have with your guests.

The first reason for having good Portable WiFi HotSpot is that it is essential for business travelers who usually make up the bulk of guests in any top-end hotels. A study by Motorola Solutions shows that 90% of business travelers want this amenity in their rooms and they are unlikely to return to a hotel if this expectation is not met. Poor quality Internet service can lead to poor communication and data transfer and loss of business for them. The perspective of leisure travelers is not much different as shown in the study. One in three would not return to the hotel in the same case of poor Wi-Fi.

However, it is not enough to opt for good Wi-Fi solutions only; you should know what constitutes a fast and reliable network. Even for an average sized hotel, the prerequisites are a download speed of at least 2Mbps, an upload speed of 1 Mbps, an average stability rating of at least 3 out of 5 and latency not exceeding 500ms. It might be inadequate for your guests and your operations if you go anything below these standard parameters.

Hotel Operations

It is not only your guests that will benefit from a good Wi-Fi connection, but your operational efficiencies will also increase manifold if you make full use of the potential of your hotel Wi-Fi network solutions. Here is how you can do it.

  •         Remote Check-In – You can make the check-in process faster and more comfortable for your guests with remote check-in from a kiosk in your premises. They can even check-in from their mobile devices even before they arrive. Once this is done, the housekeeper can inform the front desk when the rooms are ready to be occupied. Your guests can use the GPS to locate the gym or swimming pool, the restaurants, and even their suites.
  •      Luggage – Your bellman can be more active effective on the job once they use the Wi-Fi to stay updated on what needs to be done by being on their posts instead of running from floor to floor. With real-time communication, you can better serve your clientele.
  •     Customized Services – With WI-Fi, you can take customer experience to the next level through tailor-made services. Link up your high-end suites to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and keep the ambiance and environment precisely to your guests’ likings before they check-in. Once your guests find that the temperature is perfect and the right amount of lights are on when they walk in, you can be sure that they will keep coming back for more of the same experience.

Running a successful hotel business is all about anticipating clients’ needs, and the surest way to fulfill those expectations is to provide lightning fast Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions.

Consider Security While Installing Wi-Fi Network


Providing a fully secured Wi-Fi wireless access is a tough and challenging task for any hotel owner. How can you secure devices that are not owned by you and how do you secure the various types of devices that your guests will bring with them? You have to keep in mind that security is not about controlling the devices on your premises but controlling the behaviour of those devices. The infrastructure that you set up should be able to facilitate control of what the end-users can do and where they can go on the network.

Since security is so crucially important for your Wi-Fi network, always consult an experienced and well-known provider like Tek Support for your hotel Wi-Fi solutions. They will integrate a firewall, role-based access control, and IDS/IPS which is the minimum that your hotel will need.  

As a hotel owner, you might have new signage or a newly renovated lobby and pool area or sauna. But one upgrade that will dramatically increase your turnover is a reliable and fast Wi-Fi network and you should seriously consider it at all times. 

Set High Benchmarks for Hotel with Superior Wi-Fi Network Solutions

George Kinsela

George is a well-known tech consultant, advising hotels, commercial establishments and other industries on ways and means to incorporate latest technologies at workplace and work “smartly”. He is also an acknowledged expert in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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