The 10 companies with the best summer internships for students

 Christine Woods
  Oct 17, 2018


Summer, it is not always about spending the whole leisure time at nightclubs, parties, cafés or just at home. There are many possibilities for making your holidays much more exciting and even gaining new knowledge. The internship is an excellent opportunity to have a lot of beautiful memories, to meet a lot of new people and make friends. Also, it has many perspectives for the future. A possibility of gaining job experience is very valuable for a career. It is much easier to receive a dreamed job after the internship.


Every company specializes in specific spheres. That is why it is essential to choose one the most suitable for you according to your skills, interests, abilities, and knowledge. You won’t ask “do my research paper for me” anymore ever. Here is the list of companies with the best summer internships based on the interns’ feedbacks.




CohnReznick is an investment bank that specializes in financial advisory and tax. Their main projects dedicated to financial advising on renewable energy and for now, it is one of the most trusted investment companies in the world. The company invites everyone who is interested and ready to learn from highly experienced specialists. During the internship program, your duties will be of an associate analyst with your mentor who will guide and help you with studying.


Dell Technologies


One of the world’s largest innovative technology company that is working on advancing human progress. They passed a long way from a simple startup to becoming an international. Now they are welcoming everyone to discover the future with Dell and provide a large range of internships in the fields like global service, finance, marketing, engineering and more. All of them varies in duration and duties. By joining Dell, you will take a co-op position, which will allow you to study and work with professionals.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car


It is difficult to know for sure what you would like to do after the graduation and internship is a good option to try yourself in different spheres. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a UK based company that provide internships in management, customer service, sales, etc. All of them are paid depending on your progress, and you can receive additional bonuses, incentives, and employee referral awards. They have branches across the country that makes it very convenient to attend an internship that is close to your home.




The financial service company that has branches in more than 150 countries across the world. EY invites for internships everyone who is interested in accounting, cyber, consulting, and business. The participants can be students, school leavers, and graduates. For the 12 summer weeks, interns will discover how the professionals work and gain from the new experience and knowledge in four main business directions: Transactions, Advisory, Assurance, and Tax.




The world most popular social network and its company Facebook provides internship programs where every intern has its mentor. You can always receive help from your support manager to reach your goals. From the very beginning, you will take part in real projects. For the duration of the internship, you will also have fun in community and team events. An interesting fact is that the company provide housing assistance for the fulltime employee during the internship. Facebook also seeks writers and bloggers who will write interesting posts for them and partners. To avoid plagiarism, they use safeassign check for students.


General Electric


GE is ready to meet new participants in their teams. Every intern will take part in real-world challenges that a company tries to solve by making innovation and developing technologies. General Electric values every new idea you have and would like to hear it. Participants can work themselves in different programs like a commercial, human resources, operations management, financial management, digital technologies, etc.  


Google Inc.


The tech giant and a dreamed for many places of work Google provides summer internships in different fields: Engineering & Technology, Business, software, and tools engineering, infrastructure. After the internship, it is possible for everyone to continue working in Google as an employee. The company provides equal employment to everyone. You will enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.




The beauty is around us, and you can find it in L'Oréal. The company offers 10-week summer internships that and 12-month industrial placements. The beginning of all programmes is the 1st of July. Most of them are connected with marketing. Interns will deal not only with selling the product, but also will take part in product launches, social media collaborations, and market analysis with the all the responsibilities of the full-time employee.


Newell Brands


Newell Brands provides a vast range of products in different fields, starting from food products to heavy industrial materials. Company welcome brand new and innovative ideas in creating new products. Their internships programs are paid, and they help with the relocation. Every participant will have a personal manager and mentor to be involved in meaningful projects. Just join and make the world around better with Newell Brands.


Under Armor


An American company that focuses on the sports field. They manufacture different sports equipment, footwear, clothing, etc. During the 12 weeks, every idea of an intern will be highly valued. Under Armour is interesting for new views and opinions that students can provide. The well-paid programmes and the lovely team will make the learning process exciting and unforgettable.


The 10 companies with the best summer internships for students

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